Let’s jump into

the great outdoors!

Forests, lakes and villages

From the breathtaking views,

to the idyllic people living there, we will provide a gradual natural experience.

You'll definitely feel closer to nature.

From the beginning,

your heart will start beating.

The woods spreading out their roots into the volcanic dirt, crystal clear rivers, chirping birds, and soft fertile soils. See, touch, listen, smell and feel. Here’s a playground for everyone. Nature teaches us what is important.


Put your everyday life aside,

just look into yourself

Forget about time, work and roles and confront nature in front of you.

Feel the harmony between your mind and nature as they blend into one.

Just listen to your heart, and follow where nature leads you. Even adults are allowed to let loose. Before you know it, the foot of Mt. Fuji will be another home.

The blessings of the great nature will fill you.

Vegetables grown slowly and fertilized with no pesticides or chemicals Deer game that grew by running about the vast foot of Mt. Fuji.

With the sounds of a bonfire or the wind, and the murmuring of the river as background music, enjoy the season by gathering with your family or friends. Feel the joy of living with your family and friends listening to the sounds of winds, bonfire and bubbling of the stream.