Whole Earth Nature School

We engage in activities connecting “people with people” and “people with nature.”

From guiding school students from the base of Mt. Fuji to the caves and forest as part of a school trip, playing in the river with children and families who come here to camp, preparing and serving wild deer meat to providing corporate events for companies who want to conduct training experiences in nature, these are just some examples of the actives and events to be found here.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds with various natural interests. Some like insects, others love plants or trail running. However, what they all have in common is the use of the senses to see, touch and smell. This means you can actually experience and enjoy nature from day to day.

Even though we say “school” of nature, there is no school building. In actuality nature itself is our place of work, our playground, and our place of learning.

In order for people and nature to coexist well, we’ll use various ways to connect people, nature, and the region and aim for a society where people live with gratitude and pride.


Whole Earth Farm

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In the school overlooking the Mt. Fuji area, we grow rice using the “Rice and Duck” farming method and grow about 80 types of pesticide-free vegetables a year using a small-lot, multi-item production system. In addition to restaurants and wholesale shops selling to individuals, we also offer the vegetables on our tours and camps so that participants can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly picked vegetables. The processing and shipping plant was completed in 2020, and we are planning various projects to make it a place for locals to gather and interact. Not limiting ourselves to just producing rice and vegetables, we are also taking up the challenges of: preventing food loss through manufacturing and selling processed products, encouraging social interaction, environmental conservation, and educating.



Because of various factors changing the balance of the ecosystem at the foot of Mt.Fuji, and we receive life of wild animals. To appreciate the blessings, prevent overpopulation, and achieve our mission of protecting the forest, we sell the meat of wild animals caught at the foothills of the area while at the same time relaying the charms and taste of wild meat.

Additionally, through the hunting experience tours, game cooking or leather crafting classes, you can either participate yourself, or hear from experts about their own experiences of entering the forest as a hunter - how all of your senses react, and the sounds of the forest during the hunt.

Introduction to the facility

A log house stands surrounded by fields.

Sato the dog is relaxing under the sun in the central square.

This is our base of activities.

Surrounded by lush trees, a tent can be added for an enjoyable meal or chairs can be lined up for chats on the self-built deck.

Since establishment, the facility has kept livestock including goats and chickens. 

In the summer children can enjoy looking for insects while adults can forget about the time and relax.

Flowing nearby is a beautiful emerald green river from Mt. Fuji, which is is very clear and cool - around 14℃ even in the summer.

Children and adults are free to let themselves go and play here.

You can see wild birds and plants that can only be found here because of the boarder between the mountain and the flat land.

It is a place surrounded and supported by various living creatures


Organization Outline


Whole Earth Nature School


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